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02/02/2014:  Well, I haven't updated this site in years. Better late than never, I suppose. I can only explain the lack of updates by saying that I haven't done anything musically in all this time. So there wasn't much of a reason to post any updates. I'm even more deaf than I was. Basically, I only hear with my right ear now. With my latest hearing aid I can't really wear headphones and they would pretty much be required if I wanted to do any recording in my current living situation. I haven't been that inspired to make music anyway, since I can't really hear well enough to tell if it's good or bad.
  For the past year I've been livestreaming videogames on I'm usually online a couple of nights a week drinking beer and trying to be entertaining. I also upload the highlights to my youtube channel. I know it's not music related but. . . it's what I do now.
Watch live video from AIice_ on
05/14/2011:  Last month Cid Julian contacted me on YouTube about using one of my songs as the basis for a hip hop song and below you can hear the results.    I'm happy with the way it came out. I originally intended "The Drift" to have lyrics anyway but I just didn't have enough time during the RPM challenge to write or record any.   So this works out well.    Visit Cid's youtube channel for more of his stuff.    Also, if you want to hear the original instrumental version of "The Drift" it is included with Toby Vail in a Halter Top in the discography section.
In other news: Once I get my computer set up for recording again I am going to start writing and recording new songs pretty soon. It's about time, considering I haven't done anything in well over a year.   I don't expect massive output but I think an albums worth of material (9-15 tracks) by the end of the year is a realistic goal (for me).
03/30/2010:  I've been neglecting my youtube channel lately.
The last time I posted anything was like 7 months ago. So here's a couple of gear demos with my atrocious guitar playing.   The video descriptions explain everything.   Enjoy:
11/08/2009:  Links section is finally updated. Things are as done as they're going to get for now.
10/27/2009:  Sonya, the slow loris.   If this doesn't make you smile, there's something seriously wrong with you.
9/30/2009:   Site is being revamped. Please stand by. . .